CogniZen Psychology provides the most trusted, cutting edge, and evidence based treatment with compassion, kindness and deep commitment to those affected by trauma. I treat the root causes of the symptoms by addressing and identifying the original trauma. And I do this by providing intensive and integrative therapeutic approaches designed to heal the whole person through mind-body integration.

I approach clients from a place of curiosity and compassion for the difficulties that have led them to seek therapy. In a safe, transparent, and non-judgmental way, I collaborate with you to better understand how past experiences and relationships are informing and influencing the present. I am a registered clinical psychologist who has extensive experience to treat a range of psychological difficulties, with an emphasis on cultivating greater psychological flexibility, self-compassion and well-being. I am very passionate about working with clients who feel stuck even after years of therapy. My therapeutic approach is resilience informed and I am passionate about helping adults with trauma related difficulties. I practice exclusively as an EMDR Therapist, incorporating Somatic and Attachment focused therapeutic approaches, Parts work (Ego State Therapy and Internal Family Systems) and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to dig deeper, to recover from the sources of pain, anxiety, fear or sadness, be it due to trauma, neglect or losses.

Outside of my work, I am an introvert who values being creative and enjoying nature as it helps me recharge. I am often found travelling to new places, going for long drives or exploring new hiking routes with my partner. I also enjoy my own company and am often deriving my sense of calm from caring for my plants, reading books, and keeping up with a daily exercise, yoga and meditation practice. I secretly love to grocery shop, as cooking is one of my most fulfilling passions. In my fantasy, I keep on dreaming of a holiday where I could retreat in a cottage surrounded by snow and woods while I conquer my “waiting to be read” book list.